Welcome to the healthy way of relishing a truly majestic Hookah experience, with SoeX Herbal Hookah Molasses. A boon for non-tobacco smokers, Soex Herbal contain 0% nicotine, 0% tar and, most important, 0% tobacco! Manufactured under strict supervision using only non-tobacco herbal raw material, Soex Herbal Hookah Molasses will give you the same majestic feeling of smoking your favourite Hookah, without the effects of tobacco.

Fruit Range


A refreshing mix of sweet red and tangy green apples, Double Apple is a classic and vintage signature flavor that increases the pleasure of your Hookah get-together. A hot favorite!!


Let the sweet taste of this favorite fruit dance on your tongue, when you inhale the sublime overtone of Strawberry flavor.

Cool Range


Enjoy the icy cool minty taste of our Mint flavor, the classic vintage choice of Hookah lovers worldwide.

Spicy Range


Pan Raas is our flagship flavour, loved by Hookah lovers worldwide. It is truly the Father of all flavors and a heady mix of spicy betel leaf and everything nice. Freshen your mouth with this exotic flavor or add a pinch of Pan Raas to another flavor and experience the magic. Especially recommended for preliminary to heavy smokers.