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Afzal Aluminium Foils

Enjoy a complete Hookah smoking experience with Afzal pre-cut Aluminium Foil sheets, brought to you by Afzal Nepal. Afzal Aluminium Foils are specially made from superior 25-micron thickness aluminum foil and are completely Hookah friendly. Each pack contains 50 foil sheets, with each sheet surrounded by greaseproof paper for your convenience! We recommend doubling the foil sheet on most hookah bowls for the best results!

Hookah 2 Go

A convenient and portable way to smoke hookah, without the hassle of a long process or delicate parts.
  • Portable Hookah
  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Assemble

Afzal hookah Mouth Tips

Afzal Hookah Mouth Tips is always a safer and a better option to avoid the spread of germs. Afzal Hookah Mouth Tips are hygienic ways to share your Hookah with friends and fellow hookah smokers.